Inviting and Relaxing Holiday Wellness Villa

When the plan is to design and to build a holiday home, this usually means that it has to be an inviting space with a comfortable, warm and relaxing design and atmosphere. Holiday homes are usually envisioned as private retreats where one can go for some peace and quiet, where there is no stress and all the problems disappear for a few days. If the designers were to follow these concepts then all holiday retreats would be similar to this beautiful house.

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This is the Holiday Wellness Villa, a property located in the Netherlands. It was designed by Centric Design Group. The whole idea behind the project was to create a space that would offer utmost comfort to its inhabitants. But besides this main concern, the clients also wanted this place to be a modern getaway. It’s why the architect opted for a simple and modern design, with clean lines, simplicity and stylish elegance.

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The villa benefits from a wonderful location. Surrounded by a lush forest, it offers spectacular and very relaxing views. The views were an important factor in determining the design and orientation of the structure. Notice that most of the rooms have panoramic views and huge windows. In addition, there is also a roof terrace that takes advantage of the surrounding beauty.

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As for the interior design, we can only that it’s a perfect combination of striking and relaxing. Everything is very well balanced. The colors create strong contrast but they are also beautifully balanced and create a harmonious composition. The wooden flooring used throughout the house along with the stone walls help create a warm atmosphere. The overall design is very clean and elegant but the atmosphere inside is also casual and relaxing. There is also a very nice balance of transparency and enclosure that can be seen both inside and on the exterior of the villa.