Inviting and colorful kitchen for one

This is the home of Corinna, a 37-year old psychotherapist who lives here with her dog Huw. It’s a cozy cottage in Germany with a beautiful interior featuring a mixture of old and new. What’s particularly interesting about this place is the kitchen. Like the rest of the home, the kitchen is also a hybrid of old and new. Corinna managed to work with stylist Sam Grigg and create the perfect design for this space.

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The home is small but the kitchen seems to be fairly spacious. The stylost advised Corinna to include an extendable table in her kitchen. This way she will always be prepared for more guests and the look will remain casual. Moreover, the table can also be used as a workspace when not needed. The suspended shelf installed on the wall will provide plenty of storage for books and other items.

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The kitchen used to have an old look, not the most attractive in the word. As a result, the stylist suggested she would make some changes and add some new touches while also preserving the atmosphere. There were also some nice antique pieces of furniture in there and they were in good condition so there was to reason why Corinna would want to throw them away. Instead, they have been updated a little and turned into something a little more modern but still elegant.{found on ikeafamilylive}.