Inviting 800 square feet Gold Coast home

This lovely home belongs to Teresa. It’s located in Gold Coast, Chicago and it’s a simple but inviting and beautiful home. The apartment covers an area of 800 square feet and, even though Teresa has only been living there for one year, she managed to turn it into a very warm and lovely place. Teresa has moved out of this apartment and went to Brooklyn but that doesn’t mean we can’t admire this place.

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The apartment is located in Bertand Goldberg. It’s a classic mid-century apartment with a modern interior design. The building in which it’s situated offers beautiful views of the near-by lake. The building was originally designed as a rock star hotel in the 50s-60s. The building still features some of the original elements and this apartment, even though renovated, has some reminiscent features of the building’s history.

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The bedroom is particularly hotel-like. The overall décor of the apartment is minimal and simple. The atmosphere inside is inviting and casual. Achieving this result wasn’t easy. The apartment is very bright and airy. The large windows and the glass walls let in lots of natural light while also providing panoramic views of the surrounding area and the lake. It’s a beautiful apartment, a cozy and inviting home and a soothing and calm place wonderful for relaxation and everyday life.{found on apartmenttherapy}.