Inviting 400 sq ft apartment in Chicago

We’re still in the category of small apartment and ways to deal with them so here’s another interesting example. This apartment measures only 400 square feet. It’s located in Chicago, IL and its owner says it’s a really happy place. Let’s take a closer look and see what exactly makes it so cheerful.

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The apartmen is indeed tiny. The bedroom is particularly suggestive in this case. The bed basically takes over the whole room. There’s no space for a closet, a desk or even for a nightstand. All the elements had to be reconfigured. For example, the nightstand was replaced by a platform hanging above the bed. It serves a display pace but also a functional storage area for useful things. Notice that it incorporates four different compartments, each with their own interior space. There’s also another small shelf near the bed that serves as a space to store books.

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The kitchen is small as well. It features cabinets on three sides that also serve as work spaces. There are additional storage cabinets mounted on the walls. What’s interesting is that there’s only one closet in the entire apartment. It might seem drastic but it’s not as bad as it sounds.

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The storage needs of the users have been solves through other means. There are alternative storage compartments all over the apartment, either suspended or mounted on the walls or hidden under the bed. If we take a look around we see that the apartment is actually very well planned and organized. It’s size doesn’t really matter anymore.{found on apartmenttehrapy}.