Inventive Paperclip Chandelier Design

Light can create wonderful effects and an amazing atmosphere. All depends on the shapes of things where it is captured and the way it reflects through these objects. If you are an inventive person who loves handmade and original things you can think of your own models and objects that you can use for creating wonderful sources of light.

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You can use your own imagination and create wonderful lanterns, table lamps or even chandeliers.Gary Ponzo is one of those persons who used his inventiveness and meticulosity and created a chandelier made of 4,000 paperclips. Its glow creates a warm atmosphere while its half of the bulb is lit and its light reflects on this multitude of paperclips.

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Maybe his model will inspire your inventiveness and you will be able to think of some other ingenious models. It depends on the atmosphere you want to create and how talented you are.