How To Decorate With a White and Blue Combo

Few color combinations are as successful as the white and blue duo. These two shades work so well together you can easily include them in every room of your home. The popular combo is not just versatile but also full of surprises. White and blue is a constant designer favorite and each designer has a distinct way of using these two colors.

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Popular in Swedish and Mediterranean designs, the white and blue combination works great when paired with various patterns. Most often, this technique is used in traditional homes, although there are plenty of ways to integrate it in other styles.

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Both white and blue come in a variety of different shades and they can all be combined in numerous interesting and stylish ways. Ivory paired with navy blue looks elegant and classy.

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Cream and blue is a successful combination in the case of the bedroom. Cream is a neutral, welcoming color and it looks equally beautiful when combined with all sorts of blues. The result is always a soothing ambiance.

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Other accents like icy blue can be combined with silver accents and a white backdrop to create an opulent décor. Although the colors are simple, they really shine and stand out.

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Various shades of blue can be combined and even mixed with different prints and patterns. This will create a sophisticated look. You can alternate light and dark tones to highlight certain focal points or to simply create a harmonious design.

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The white and blue combination is fresh and vibrant, even more so if you add a little bit of green to the mix as well. It can be anything from an accent pillow to a vase filled with fresh flowers or a painting.

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Dark tones of blue have a rich, regal beauty and to emphasize those characteristics you can combine them with natural wood. The white accents are just for contrast although they create a nice balance overall too.

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The white and blue combination also works well with earthy tones. Try this combination in the bedroom to achieve a soothing, warm and welcoming atmosphere.

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Deep midnight blue is a strong and vibrant shade usually used as a statement color. It works well on big pieces of furniture, long curtains but also on walls. White, ivory or silver details complement the color beautifully.

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Although fresh and elegant, the white and blue combination often needs a third accent if you want the space to feel warm and inviting. Wood details and accents are a perfect option.

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In order to create a nautical-themed décor, use navy blue combined with white and perhaps a few red accents as well. Stripes are the perfect pattern for such a design.

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A coastal interior décor needs texture so try combining various materials like rattan, wood and different fabrics. Keep the décor light and simple and use the colors to create contrasts when needed.

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This classic combination instantly comes to mind when we think of beachfront retreats. The color scheme suits these interiors really well because it connects the indoors and the outdoor spaces in a really beautiful and seamless way.