6 Stylish And Interesting Beds To Restyle Your Home With

The most basic and also one of the simplest ways in which you can restyle your bedroom is by getting a new bed. Since this is the main piece of furniture in the room and also the biggest, the impact of the change will be powerful and will envelop the whole space. We’ve gathered here 6 stylish beds with exquisite designs which you might want to consider for your next bedroom makeover.

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The first one is the Basket bed and it’s most distinctive feature is the headboard. The headboard has been rounded on the sides and it wraps around the bed giving it a very comfortable and original appearance. The Basket bed was designed by Mauro Lippari.

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The Hi-Ply bed is also really interesting, but in a different way. It has a minimalist and continuous design. It’s made of four beech plywood panels and two curved plywood elements. The design impresses with its lightness and fluidity and would definitely look amazing in minimalist, contemporary homes.

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Designed by Marcel Wanders, the Dream bed has an upholstered structure which can be customized using the fabric and color of choice, just like the headboard. What makes this bed so attractive is its casual and cozy look, without any harsh lines and sharp angles.

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Memo is an elegant bed designed by Carlo Colombo. Its design was inspired by the traditional beds but has been customized and updated through thin shapes and simple lines, offering the bed a modern and sophisticated allure. The smooth curves and overall simplicity make this piece truly elegant.

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The Shiko Capitone bed is designed by E-eggs and has a really glamorous and chic look. The upholstered headboard gives it a bohemian appearance which the frame offers it a modern and chic look. There’s a strong contrast between the voluminous headboard and the thin frame which further emphasizes the bed’s unique charm.

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Flipper is a bed designed by Pietro Arosio and what makes this piece stand out is its ability to change its shape and look. The bed has headboards or backpanels which can slide along the frame in order to obtain a variety of combinations. This allows the bed to become a sofa whenever the case.