Interesting Safari Planters by Kenneth Cobonque

The moment you choose an exotic place for your vacation you may think of its points of attraction and the unique things that can offer you. My brother and his wife went on a trip in Tunisia .here they went to relax and enjoy the hot beaches. They have also appreciated the interesting food and surroundings. When they got back they showed us all kinds of remarkable photos with those places and told us that one of the attractions of this trip was their safari tour they took. They went by cars by they have also experienced the walk by camels.

Safari planters2

Perhaps if they want to keep some of the spirit of adventure of those moments they can also choose these interesting Safari Planters which were designed by Kenneth Cobonque for Hive. They are perfect for a garden setting, interiors or outdoor areas.

Safari planters2

Their appearance on some boxy legs and the shapes that seem to imitate the image of some exotic animals may remind them of their exotic experience. If you are interested in too, you may try the same exotic feelings and think of that wild life that appears in front of you.

Safari Planters are made of stone and are available in natural, terracotta, grey and black shades. they also come in different sizes from low small, low large to tall small and tall large so that you can combine them any way you want to.