Comfort comes in unexpected forms – Rock cushion collection

Have you ever pictured yourself sitting among rocks or boulders and actually feeling comfortable? It’s a common picture and it definitely seems unusual. But we’re not talking about actual rocks but about cushions that look like rocks. Now everything starts to make sense.

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The collection of rock cushions features a variety of different shapes and sizes. Just like real rocks which are shaped by water, wind and natural phenomena, these are designed to be unique. Not only that the collection is original but it actually mimics the real things and proposes an array of unique designs. Nature is a talented sculptor which creates amazing things and we can follow its example and decorate our homes with these cool-looking cushions.

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The shapes and sizes vary so you can combine them with numerous ways. Have fun with them and include them in your home wherever you find it fit. Because they all look so smooth, soft and cozy, they would be a wonderful addition to the kids’ room but adults can have fun too and we wouldn’t say no to a modern living room decorated with these unconventional accessories.