Interesting old house impregnated with memories

Modern and contemporary architecture and buildings impress us with their innovative style and unconventional look. This makes them interesting. But what about old buildings and old houses? They can be interesting too and quite surprising sometimes. Old homes like this one have a rich history and you can tell that by their design and architecture. It’s all impregnated with memories and history.

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The interior of the house is eclectic and it’s a crazy mixture of styles, influences, materials, colors and everything else. It’s hard to even start contemplating this space with so much going on. Notice how each room has a different look, like it’s been inspired by a different area in the owner’s imagination. But even though each room seems to be its own world, they all come together nicely and form a dynamic composition.

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Instead of creating chaos, all this amalgam of styles, patterns and influences allows the house to look special. This is indeed a personalized home. You can now clearly see the distinction between a modern design where everything is simple and lacking any unnecessary features and this old place full of memories and reminders of the past.