Interesting lights for your pad

Lighting fixtures nowadays have much more meaning and significations that they used to have back when lighting was considered just a necessity and something with a strict destination.If we take a look back in the recent history we will see that since modern light bulbs were invented, light was used to enhance, to highlight and to set the mood in certain places. Theaters started using lights to enhance the décor, bars, night clubs and so on. Now, light is something we take for granted and therefore a lot of new ways of enhancing our interior and exterior places appeared.

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With a super-cheap light bulb hooked up to a bunch of wires you can have another light source in your home, the challenge is to make it interesting and fun because simple, plain light fixtures found at your local store are dull and impersonal. If you want something that will suit your taste entirely and will do exactly what you imagined you better start building it yourself.

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To give you a few ideas about track lighting take a look at these “Zal Creations”. Unique, each item is hand-made from the craziest materials, but carefully chosen to get the desired effect.I personally liked the idea with the pints above the bar. It is very suggestive and in perfect harmony with the bar environment. Bud the opportunities don’t stop here, as we can see, more and more beer can, mugs, and bottles make wonderful parts for original lighting fixtures.Available for 87$ each.