Interesting Floating Fruit Basket by Kare Frandsen

Fruits and vegetables assure us a healthy life. We should pay attention to their use as they provide our organism a lot of vitamins and minerals which help us to live a better and a longer life.


Perhaps one of the things that preoccupy us when we have many fruits and vegetables in our house is their storage place and the way we can keep them fresh for a longer period of time.

Kare Frandsen presents us an interesting Floating Fruit Basket. This type of basket brings us a lot of advantages. It helps us save space as it is a ceiling suspended basket, the fruits or vegetables are kept in a very good shape for a longer period of time and we can pick them in a very easy way.

The Floating Fruit Basket is made of two interlocking metal rings connected by rubber mesh. This system allows you to pick any fruits you would like from any side of the sphere, by sticking your hand between the rubber lines.


The metal rings can get any color you would like so that you can match with your kitchen interior the way you like it. Now your kitchen interior design will get a new image brought by the existence of this lovely Floating Fruit Basket.