6 Great Ways To Salvage And Reuse Old Cable Spools

Cable spools don’t seem very useful for anything other than the purpose they were designed for. But appearances don’t always accurately describe the reality. The little cable spools, for example, are really cute. The big ones are quite fun as well. They’re also quite versatile and can be re-purposed in a lot of ingenious ways.


Let’s say you have a bunch of thread spools which you don’t really plan on using any time soon but don’t want to just simply throw away that easily. We found a great way for you to use them: make a custom table. If they’re all the same height this would be super simple. You just arrange them all on the table and put a glass top over them. But you can also create a sort of storage shelf under the glass top. This can be your craft table.

Cable spool coffee table

But what about the larger cable spools? One of those could be easily transformed into a side table. You can basically just use it as it is. Maybe add some castors to make the table mobile and some dividers to create bookshelves. You can use this as a library table for your reading corner.

Spool stool makeover

Another great way to re-purpose an old cable spool is by turning it into a stool or ottoman. It all starts with a fresh coat of wood stain to refresh the worn look. Then you measure and cut some foam to place on top and you cover it all with fabric. Staple the fabric to the underside of the seat. It looks rally lovely and in a way it resembles a mushroom. {found on mabeyshemadeit}

Vintage ottoman from a cable spool

Another transformation from cable spool to comfortable ottoman can be found on diypassion. This ottoman was covered in fur (an old fur coat was used for this). After the fur was stapled to the ottoman, the legs were added. The result was a chic piece with vintage charm.

Spool ottoman black and white pattern

The easiest way to reuse a cable spool, however, remains its transformation into a side table. On designsponge you can find out how to use this idea when creating a patio table. The spool can be stained for a fresh look and then decorated with some rope. This will offer it a casual look, a little bit rustic and perfect for an outdoor space.