10 Ingenious Ways In Which You Can Upcycle Your Silverware

Everyone has a silverware set that they no longer like or no longer use for some reason. So all the old spoons and forks end up forgotten in a drawer. Wouldn’t it be better to repurpose them and make something unique for your home? The possibilities are endless and you just have to find the ideas that suit you best.

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For example, you can use your old silverware to make a one-of-a-kind lamp. This would be an accessory which you can put on your kitchen counter or use in the dining room. You’ll need a table lamp with a shade which you can easily transform. This particular type of design seems like a pretty great option.{found on fourcornersdesign}.

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You can revive old silverware and turn it into wall décor. The idea is pretty simple actually. You can spray paint some spoons, forks and knives and then display them inside a frame or shadow box. Maybe you can find some vintage silverware with ornate designs that would look interesting when displayed on the walls of the kitchen or dining room. {found on spunkyjunky}.

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If you don’t mind cutting the heads off some old spoons and forks, then maybe you’ll enjoy the project featured on plasteranddisaster. After you remove all those heads, use the remaining parts of the forks and spoons to create a sunburst mirror frame. Use a hot glue gun to secure them all together.

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Another ingenious idea is to recycle old spoons and to turn them into cabinet handles. Use this idea for the kitchen cabinets. It’s a really simple project and you can even customize each spoon handle in a different way. The project is described on thistlewoodfarms and requires a few things such a a rubber hammer, some screws, a drill with a metal bit and, of course, the spoons.

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For the kitchen walls, a fun idea for a decoration can be a ladle turned into a candle holder. There’s no need to modify anything unless you want, for example, to spray paint the ladle. In that case, feel free to customize it however you want in order to make it fit into the room’s décor. Then just find a way to hang it on the wall.{found on dukesandduchesses}.

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You can upycle old silverware for other spaces other than the kitchen. For example, for the entryway you can make a coat hanger using spoons instead of regular hooks. Just bend them and attach them to a wood board with nails. You can also make a wall organizer using a similar idea. {found on totallygreencrafts}

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Other ideas are so unusual and ingenious it’s hard to be impressed. For example, instead of seating cards at a wedding you can make seating spoons. Basically you’ll be customizing spoons to show where each guest should be seating at the table. The idea is interesting but only works in certain cases and settings. Find out more about this on greenweddingshoes.

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Consider the following situation: your silverware starts to look old and boring. Sure, replacing it would be easy but maybe you can try something different such as giving it a makeover. A little bit of gold spray paint can do wonders. Check out the design suggestion offered on runwaychef for some inspiration.

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A similar project can be found on freutcake. The supplies required for this one include some inexpensive or mismatched flatware, some multi-surface paint or any other kind that works for you, some tape and a paint brush. You can also add a coat of clear acrylic spray paint. Another fun idea is to use different colors and to make each piece unique.

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Sometimes you don’t even need to change anything about your silverware. You can simply change the way you store or display it. A fun and chic idea can be to use small flower pots as storage containers for the spoons, forks and knives you use most often. Let them all sit on the counter so you can easily grab one when needed. The idea comes from thechicsite.