DIY Hanging Planters That Will Make Your Home Fresher Than Ever

Hanging planters are just what your home needs if you want it to be fresh without having to sacrifice any floor or counter space. The best part about hanging planters is that you can hang them just about anywhere. As any other type of planter, they come in a variety of designs and there are many methods you can use for displaying them. Some of them are revealed in the following examples.

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You can make your own collection of hanging glass planters using light bulbs of different shapes and sizes as well as mason jars. Gang them from the ceiling using fishing line and they’ll look like they’re floating. To turn the bulbs into planters just glue plumber’s pipe fittings to their ends.

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A great suggestion is offered on guidecentr where you can find out how to use moss and twine to make an organic planter. In this case the moss can either be used to camouflage a small planter or to replace the planter altogether. Lay the moss flat with the green side down, remove the plant from the container and place it in the center. Wrap the moss around the roots and secure it with twine or cord.

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You can also find out how to make an organic planter on knowhowshedoesit. Just like in the case of the previous project, you’ll be sing moss and twine. Make a ball of soil and wrap it around the roots of your plant. Then wrap moss and twine around it. You can hang these cute things just about anywhere.

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A simple plastic bottle can become a pretty great hanging planter and can also be customized in a lot of great ways. Cut off the top of the bottle and then spray paint the bottom portion which will be used as a planter. You can use tape to create a pattern. You can then punch holes into the bottle, close to the top and run cord through them so you can hang it. {found on johannarundel}

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The project on helloglow also reuses plastic bottles. If you want the planter to be sturdy, use an empty liquid detergent or softener container which you’ve washed thoroughly to get rid of harmful solutions. Cut the container at an angle and then make a hole at the top and hang it with rope, twine or cord. Before you put the plants in, spray paint the planter for a fresh new look.

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A basket can serve as a lovely planter as well and, in this case, you can use parachute cord to hang it anywhere you want. The cord can be in a bright color if you want it to stand out and to contrast with the basket. Check out makingmondays to find out how to get the design just right.

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The diamond-shaped hanging planters featured on thecraftedsparrow are not only very chic but also relatively easy to make, assuming you can’t find anything similar in the store. You’ll have to make the diamond shape out of cardboard and for this you need patience and precision. Use ape to secure the pieces together. Then spray paint the planters don’t forget to pierce four holes in the sides so you can hang them. The leather cord seems like a wonderful choice here.

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The wood slice hanging planter featured on thehatchedhome has a pretty straight-forward design. It’s basically just a slice of wood with a hole carved out at the center, big enough for a planter to fit in without falling through. Three holes close to the edge are made for rope to go through so you can hang the planter.

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The colorful cone planters featured on erywithay.typepad are made of styrofoam which doesn’t really seem like a very good material for such a project. In any case, you can decide for yourself if this is a suitable project for your plants. To make one of these display planters, get a styrofoam cone, push a skewer through it at the top and then carve out a hole at the center for the succulent to fit in.

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Some spaces can’t accommodate plants as much as you would want it to. But this doesn’t mean you have to give up the idea of decorating it with succulents and plants. You can still do this with faux succulents using the idea provided on thehomesteady. For each one of these you’ll need a fake succulent, some paint, a tennis ball, a sharp knife, twine and a hot glue gun.