Interesting Design for An Outdoor Lamp

Having dinner outside is great in summer. You can admire the stars and enjoy the silence of the night. It’s usually peace and quiet and if the weather is fine you can even stay there until the small hours. But one thing I do hate about these nights in the garden: the lighting or the lack of it to be more precise. If you are somewhere near the house it’s easy: you just get an electric cable from the house and some lamps that can be either hanging or put directly on the table. But if the party is some place farther, then you need to improvise and use a fire , some flashlights or portable lamps. But this Outdoor lamp with an interesting design seems like a sensible solution.

Outdoor lighting1

This lamp is called Halley Floor To Floor Lamp and it is manufactured by VIBIA. What is really amazing about it is the possibility to use it as an arch of light that goes near the table from floor to floor. It was named after the comet Halley that casts light behind it while in the sky. This lamp is made of durable yet lightweight materials that are very easy to assemble and be used outdoors. The arch of light is actually made of three separate segments that are put together and secured thanks to the click and lock button system. The two segments that are the base support the third one that actually casts the light and is a slim array of LEDs illuminated through a frosted lens. The visual effect is amazing and the lamp is also water resistant, so you can use it even in rain. The item is available for $3,120.