Interesting chair design by Peter Vardai

Made by a Hungarian designer Peter Vardai, this rocking chair has a very interesting design.This chair can easily be used indoors or outdoors; it comes with an innovative transforming carbon frame that changes form in less than 20 seconds, has stretchy elastic seats and a simple design with two-tone colors.

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You can easily turn it into a normal chair that does not move when you need to work on your desk for example or you can change it into a rocking chair again when you want to relax, watch a movie or even have your kid in your arms, persuading them to fall asleep. The really good thing about this chair is the fact that it is also very lightweight, so you just pack it and take it with you if you go camping for example. It is the perfect solution and it gives you the comfort of a rocking chair you couldn’t have otherwise outdoors, when you are on a trip. Great design and a brilliant idea.{found on yankodesign}