Interesting candle holders

New Year’s Eve is a special occasion for you to spend time with friends and the loved ones. SOme of us prefer going to noisy parties with our friends, but some others would rather stay at home or go to a remote hotel and spend a romantic night with the boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse or lover. Well, everybody knows that a romantic night needs some preparation in advance and, besides the champagne and the good food, you also need good music and … candles. Yes, the candle light is so much more romantic than that of light bulbs, so you need to also purchase some nice and preferably original candle holders. Here are some models to choose from and the places where you can order them.

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The Capiz Lotus candle holder is perfect for weddings and costs between $10 and 25. Then there are all those beautiful and discreet wall candle holders that cover a bigger area with their light and avoid the danger of being turned over by mistake and cause fires. But table candle holders are equally nice and beautiful. This tribal dance figurine for example is amazing and exotic at the same time. OK, I admit, the baby head candle holder is creepy, but the story-telling tree is absolutely fascinating. I also love the dragon and dungeon, the reindeer and the Viking ship candle holders because they are unique and have innovative designs.

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