Interactive Mood Chair by Aether & Hemera

The Mood Chair was designed by the UK studio Aether & Hemera, and the distinctive feature is that it changes its color in response to the users’ mood and the environment around them. This furniture is the next step in future furniture. For the moment there are no additional information about the availability or mass production. Watch the video demonstration after the jump to get more details.

mood_chairView in gallery

It is very interesting the way that some items change their color according to the user’s mood or state of mind. I’m not sure how they do it or if it even works or it’s just something random and based on simple coincidences. Whatever the system at the base of this piece of furniture is, it makes it a very unique and interesting feature. It might not look very comfortable and it probably isn’t but at least it’s fun to use and watch. The kids would probably enjoy it the most. It’s like  a giant toy that you can also sit on.