Interactive DIY Chalkboard Coffee Table

It is preferable that some things combine the useful with pleasure. DIY Chalkboard Coffee table makes possible this situation and can be constructed very easily. The only things that you need are an old table and a good frame or a new cheap table from IKEA, a piece of ¼ inch MDF, a can of chalkboard spray paint and some bolts to attach the top to the base.

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This table may be used very well in kids’ camp; the pupils may use it first as a playing place. More kids may join this table and play different games like: chess, cards or Morocco. These games may be played at the same time and the advantage is that you can clean what you have drawn on the table and change the game quickly.

Secondly, this table may be used as a mean of education. The teacher may ask his pupils to answer some questions by writing their answers on these tables or the pupils may draw a tourist route in case they plan a hiking.

Diy chalkboard coffee talbe 2View in gallery

Thirdly, the chalkboard coffee table may be used as a place for taking meal by the kids Here they can eat and then start some discussions which can generate true friendships. At the end of the day the kids may sit at the table and meditate on things which they have done and write down in their diaries their impressions. They can wait confidently for the next day when they always find out something new enjoying a refreshing that sits on the table in front of them.