Integrate Knits Into Your Winter Decor

During the winter months, it’s customary for many people to spend more time in their homes to avoid the cold outdoors. So it would make sense to make your home a cozier place during this time so that you can enjoy your time curled up by the fireplace or underneath blankets.

Knit bedding

Knits are a nice way to make your home feel more warm and cozy during this time. Whether or not they contribute to actual warmth depends on how you use them. But even if they don’t, you can still use them to create a cozy atmosphere and unique style in your space. Here are a few easy ways to integrate more knits into your winter décor.

Pillows and Blankets.

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Pillow colorful1

DIY Waffle Pillow hand arrangement

This is the easiest way to add knit items to your home. Knit pillows, throws, and other items to cover your couches, chairs, and beds are both cozy and practical for staying warm during the winter months. In addition, these can give you a great way to integrate more colors and textures into your rooms.

Wall Art.

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Knit wall art1

Not as much of a practical option, adding knit items to your wall can simply help in creating the overall cozy atmosphere you want during the winter months. It’s not a very traditional choice for wall art, but there are plenty of options, including blankets, tapestries, and other wall hangings.


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Lamp knit
Knitwear hanging lamp
Floor lampknit
Knitwear floor lamp from driftwood, oak wood and rope.Found on etsy.

Lampshades are normally covered with fabric, but adding a knit material over your everyday shades can make them more interesting and contribute to the overall winter ambiance. Creating one yourself can be pretty simple, just use circular knitting needles and knit like you would a small cowl scarf. Alternatively, you can cut out part of an old sweater to use, or just buy a pre-made one.


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Knit floor chairs

Chairs legs knit
Chunky knit cream leg warmers for chairs, found on etsy.

Similar to the idea of knit lampshades, you can use knit material to cover lots of other items around your home. From teapots to chairs, there are plenty of cozies available in stores, as well as patterns available if you’re interested in making your own.

Warm mug knit
The Mr & Mrs Personalized Mug Cozy found on etsy.

Whatever kind of knits you choose to integrate, you can easily make your own or simply purchase them at a craft or home store. Then enjoy a much warmer and more inviting atmosphere during the coldness of winter.

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