Integral house in Toronto, Canada

Most of my wishes start with : “If I had more money …”.  And here is an example of what you can do if you have enough money to hire the best people to do exactly what you wish. This amazing house was built somewhere near Toronto, Canada and the owner is a very famous Math professor who used to be also a violinist, so he still loves music very much. His name is Dr. James Steward and a few years ago he wanted to start building his dream house where he could live in the fresh air away from the city, but also give concerts whenever he wanted to.

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He hired a couple of very good architects for this, even if they were not very famous at the time and he trusted them completely with the work. The only request was for the house to have a lot of curves and very good acoustics. Well, it does. And it has more than just that. For example it has a spectacular staircase where you can see wonderful glass work that is blown and blue and also lots of mirrors completing the amazing picture.


Brigitte Shim and Howard Sutcliffe are the two artists that succeeded finishing this real work of art. Well, it is true that they were at liberty of spending whatever was necessary and they did spend some $24 million for this house, but specialists say that it is worth the price. Not only it is a unique ho,e with plenty of space for every leisure activity, but it also offers you the possibility to have concerts in the middle of nowhere, away from the city and smoke.

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