Instatime, a creative DIY Instagram clock

This project is fun and creative and its design can be adapted in numerous different ways. For example, this particular clock features images chosen to depict ‘a day in the life’ as its creator says. It’s a clock created for a kid that’s about to start kindergarten and it’s a way of letting him know what to expect and to help him learn time while doing that. But the images chosen here can be easily replaced with pictures representing something else. The theme you chose for your clock is totally up to you.

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Now let’s see how you can make a similar clock. Let’s start with all the supplies. You’ll need a ruler, a clock kit that you can buy at a craft store, a 12 x 12 canvas that needs to be mounted on wood, hole punches and an Instagram feed filled with whatever images you want, in this case the daily activities of the children. First find the photos you want to use and then use Photoshop to format then into small circles. You can choose any diameter but it should match the hole punch you have. You can basically work with any size that suits the base of your clock.

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Along with the circle photos you’ll also need to print similarly formatted numbers for the hours of the day. Then cut them using the hole punch and start making the clock. Measure the center of the canvas and cut a hole through it. Then assemble the clock pieces on the canvas base, what that part is done, you can start arranging the numbers in a circle. Then start adding the photos you have selected. Once you have decided on a layout you’re happy with, start gluing everything to the canvas. It’s a great way of personalizing your clock and it’s also a great idea for a gift.{found on landofnod}.