Inspiring Shed Designs

Sheds are probably the most utilitarian part of most home and garden designs. The majority of gardens have some sort of storage, even if it is little more than a wooden trunk next to the garage. Overlooked by many, a shed can be an interesting and integral part of a garden design. Whether you want to create a shed that connects better visually with the rest of your garden design or want to combine a storage unit with a summer house, focusing on the design of your shed can make all the difference.Be inspired by some of the latest ideas with shed designs. Don’t settle for a shed that is merely practical. Opt for one that adds a little extra something to your exterior design.

More Than Just Tool Storage.

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Good sheds are more than simply a place to store your garden tools. Most gardeners want a place that that they can call a potting shed, as well as a tool store. Nevertheless the look of your shed should also connect with the rest of the architecture of your home. Don’t hide your shed away behind some tall bushes. Make it a feature of your garden. Indeed make it the main feature, if you so wish. A well designed shed can set off your home and there’s no good reason why it shouldn’t be set right next to the main building, as long as the design is sympathetic.

Contemporary Shed Design.

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Modern sheds are all the rage and you can get the look with plenty of prefabricated structures that are delivered whole, or in kit form that you simply need to bolt together. Key elements of a modern looking shed are clean edges and plenty of glazing. Sliding doors are ideal additions for contemporary sheds that occupy a small plot of land since they have a smaller footprint.

The Rustic Look.

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Rustic sheds have a certain charm that it is hard to deny. Unless your garden design is ultra-modern, there will be a space in it that is suitable for a rustic, even distressed looking, shed. Get the look by using weathered timber for the walls and corrugated iron for the roof, rather than tiles or felt. Add window boxes, overflowing with summer planting and a canopy. Another great rustic shed look is to use stone as the primary building material. If you have a dark garden, with tall trees, a stone built shed will age very well if you allow moss to grow on the outside. Another great idea is to use the roof of the shed for meadow style planting. This looks great and naturally insulates the shed from the cold.

Wood Stores.

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Add a wood store to the side of your shed. In fall this can be filled up with logs to burn during the long winter period. Install some shelves within the wood store at seat height. This will help you stack your logs evenly. As the store empties, you will gain access to the shelves and be able to use them as seats. By the summer, the wood store can be used as a shady seating area to relax in.

Tropical Looking Gardens.

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Many a garden designer favors tropical planting, particularly in an urban environment. Tropical plants offer year round greenery, though some of them need to be protected in the winter months. A tropical looking garden shed will not only fit in with the look of an equatorially inspired garden, but provide a good space to store the more fragile pot plants once the temperature drops. Some windows in your tropical shed will allow for natural light to come in and encourage growth in early springtime. Paint the shed deep green and olive for a joyous jungle look.

Summer Houses.

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If you want a shed that you can hang out in during the summer, go for a crossover design that fuses a traditional tool store shed design with a summer house. You can convert an existing shed to a summer house by painting it in a bright blue or green finished off with white detailing. Add French doors and a trellis, with a trailing plant growing through it, for the perfect summer house makeover.

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