Inspiring Shadow Box Framed Subjects

Framing artwork is a no-brainer. I mean, everyone does it, it’s pretty much what you do with artwork, right? The frame is a great way to set the art apart, lend sophistication and importance, and draw attention to an otherwise flat item. Imagine being able to create the same stand-out effect on 3-dimensional treasures. You can! And it’s not that hard, either. Simply grab a shadow box from your local craft or art supply store, and mount your objects. Done and done.

A Few Similar Items of Sentimental Value.

Accessories framed

Any set of mementos from special occasions make an interesting 3D grouping in shadowboxes, not to mention a wonderful conversation piece. These champagne corks, for example, are simple items yet very graphic when displayed this way. Notice that shadowboxes needn’t be huge, oppressive, filled-to-the-brim cases chock full of items. A solitary item with plenty of “breathing room” in a smaller shadowbox is very visually effective. With the corks’ connection to the births of the homeowners’ children, they’re more than just a piece of wall art.{found on pourtoujoursblog}.


Accessories framed

When it comes down to it, the sky is the limit as to what you can display successfully in a shadowbox. Take this collection of matchbooks, for example. Rather than confine them, unseen, to a box or a dusty shelf, they are colorfully and artfully displayed in this shadowbox for regular enjoyment and appreciation. I imagine collections showcased in this way would be quite a conversation piece.{found on haymarketdesigns}.

If you like the idea of framing 3D stuff but don’t have any keepsakes or collections that come to mind right off the bat, here are some inspiring ideas to get you started:


Accessories framed

Not only are these naturally colorful and delicately beautiful specimens, but they are also readily available in faux form at most craft supply stores. The colorful butterflies chosen for this display would pop against any background, but I like the bright aqua background here; it almost looks like they’re fluttering in the sky. Butterflies are just one example of a subject that results in very easy and very aesthetic DIY shadowbox art.{found on 29ruehouse}.

Book Page Cutouts.

Accessories framed

In nearly any cutout shape, old book pages can be combined to create a delightful and inspiring 3-dimensional object. Set off-center amidst plenty of white space in a small square shadowbox, this heart “art” becomes an engaging combination of traditional (the vintage book pages) and modern (the placement and white space) styles.{found on sarahandbendrix}.


Accessories framed

Bold pieces of jewelry easily become art when set atop equally bold backgrounds. Hung as a pair, these chunky necklaces look more like pieces of 3D modern art than jewelry. The artifacts showcase a sense of global admiration and appreciation. I especially love the spunky pairing in simple wooden shadowbox frames overtop the geometric wall. These homeowners are not at all afraid of color and pattern, and I couldn’t love this setting more.