Inspiring Painted Coastal Life Outdoor Pillows

Gold… Money… Ransom… I wonder how I could resist on an agitated sea, on a sailboat, surrounded by experienced pirates.I could spend my life near them. My life would be a permanent adventure where danger would be present every second of each day.

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I look into the night and I think of the next robbery that we intend to do. The far away lighthouse shows us that we are close to the shore. Morning is coming and the seagulls fly over our sailboat. A new day is waiting for us. I look at them, at my unshaved, giddy after drinking and tired pirates and I wonder if tomorrow, in the morning we are all present or some of us will die in the fight that waits for us today.

It is time that we make our attacking plan. I call my first mate and I tell him: “It is time…It is time…” “That you wake up John!”

I open my eyes… I am on my lounge, with my head on the pillow with the sailboat print on it. On the left, there is my pillow with the image of a seagull and on the right the pillow with the lighthouse. They are my favorite inspiring Painted Coastal Life Outdoor Pillows which make me think of wonderful adventures.Available from 16.86 euros.In front of me, there is my wife who tells me: “Did you watch “The Caribbean Pirates” again last night? And now you think you are Jack Sparrow?