Inspiring outdoor shower ideas

If you’re living in a house or cottage as opposed to an apartment then you have a great advantage. You have options that no apartment owner will ever have, like being able to spend time outdoor whenever you want, having a BBQ area in your backyard, having a hammock or an outdoor shower. Even though the principle is the same, an outdoor shower is very different from an indoor one. First of all, you get to experience spending time in nature, you get to feel the breeze and the fresh air.

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There are also disadvantages like the privacy level that can never be compared to that of an indoor shower. The way an outdoor shower is built is very different as well. It all starts with the materials. You need to be extra careful and make sure you purchase rust-mold, mildew-resistant fixtures and materials. You can use wood for the walls but they will probably get damaged unless it’s treated and designed specifically for outdoor use. You need to create an enclosed area with everything you need, including towel and cloths hooks.

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If you have the space and time, you can also create a separate dressing area. It needs to be a dry space, also with hooks for the cloths. You can see here a few examples that can inspire you. Their structure differs and so does the level or privacy and choice of materials. An outdoor shower is great especially near a pool but it would also be a practical addition to the backyard or the garden.{picture sources:1,2,3,4,5,6}.