Inspiring Living Room Designs You Should Steal

The living room is usually the core of any house. We’re not talking about positioning but about importance. The living room is the largest room in the house and the space where family members spend time together. It’s also where guests are being welcomed and entertained. So the living room needs to have a flexible and inviting interior design.

Fireplace in a modern living room2
The fireplace is always a wonderful feature in the living room

Regardless of the style or type of design you choose for this part of the house, there are a few features that are never missing from the living room. It’s, of course, the sitting area. In the center of this space there’s usually a coffee table. It’s an accent piece and a functional element that, in a way, connects all the things in the room.

Bright sofa for dark floor
Given the size of this room, the windows need to be large and glass walls often replace them
Simple living exposed beams1
Small living room can seem larger if decorated in a bright color palette

Then there’s also the sofa or sectional, where the guests are invited to sit and where you spend most of the time. The goal is to make this area very comfortable and inviting. For that you can either use color and texture or a certain amount of elements meant to personalize the space and the atmosphere such as wall art.

Concrete interior design
A compact living room that opens onto the exterior through the glass walls
Clean living room we love2
The core of the living room is the sitting area which needs to be comfortable
Narrow living open to patio4
Living rooms with direct access to balconies or porches are always wonderful

A very nice feature in any living room is the fireplace. Whether the fireplace is working or not, it’s an element that makes the atmosphere cozy and warm. Most often people choose to have armchairs around it and in front of it. It’s very relaxing to sit in front of the fireplace and to either chat with someone or be alone with your thoughts.

Black ceiling lighting5
A simple color palette allows the focus to fall on the atmosphere in the room
Natural light office
Given the layout and shape of this room, a symmetrical interior was a clever choice

Other elements sometimes encountered in a living room include a small work area and a dining space. Most modern and contemporary living rooms are open spaces that are directly connected to the kitchen as well.

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