Inspiring kids bedroom in Florida

This is the room of Jackson (2 years old) and Claire (4 years old). They share this space in their home in Wesley Chapel, Florida. Their parents love to reuse and recycle and they apply these techniques to their entire home. The kids’ bedroom is no exception. However, they are very talented at what they’re doing. You would probably never have guessed this room is decorated with recycled items.

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The room includes a simple but chic bunk bed. It’s the best choice when you have two or more children. They share the room but they each have their own personal space. Moreover, this type of bed frees up floor space leaving more room for other items. The kids have plenty of space to play with their train tracks and building blocks. Not all the furniture in there was designed for children’s room. Some of the pieces have been repurposed, such as the side table that was actually meant for a bathroom.

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The rest of the room is quite simple. It has a bunk bed, a side table and a cloths rack. The room also needed some accessories and decorations. To solve that problem, a cozy beanbag was added along with a simple mirror and an interesting raft made from some sticks from the yard. Some pastel curtains for the window and a picture frame were the final touches. The kids have a beautiful room. They also have a playroom downstairs. It’s actually the dining room that was converted into a play area. A craft table and some games are everything the kids need.{found on familysponge}.