Inspiring décor ideas for the entrance

The entrance to your home is the first thing anyone sees and the space that creates the first impression. It’s important for this area to be as inviting and welcoming as possible. The entrance needs to be friendly and to offer a concentrated impression of the décor for the rest of the house and a glimpse into the actual interior. Depending on the type of home you have, there are different techniques and ideas that can be applied when it comes to decorating the entrance.

1. Decorating a porch and the entrance to the house.

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A very common technique is to use flowers. Plants and flowers can be used to create a very beautiful and refreshing first impression. You can either use planters or containers or simply hang pot from an arch and create a very colorful décor. If there are steps leading to your front entrance, then you can place plant pots to create a graduate and attractive décor.

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2. Decorating a country house entrance.

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If you have a country house then you need to focus on creating a rustic and inviting décor. For the entrance, you can do that with natural plants and small trees. You can create a colorful mini garden that leads to the entrance of the house while also installing a very friendly atmosphere. And since you also have the space, you could also place a wooden table with matching chairs there and welcome your guests, invite them to spend some time outdoors and maybe have a drink before going inside.

3. Decorating the terrace.

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Another way of creating a welcoming atmosphere from the entrance is to transform that area into a terrace. You can have a covered terrace with a couple of cozy chairs, maybe a rocking chair and even an outdoor sofa. Add a matching coffee table and some fresh plants and the atmosphere will be divine. The terrace an also be uncovered, in which case you can simply take furniture inside when not used.

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Regardless of the space available or type of your entrance, there are a few important steps to take into consideration before starting the project. First take a good look at the entrance and try to see what people first see when entering this space. That should be your focal point of attention and should be the star of the décor. Also, try not to overcomplicate the design. Stick with simple but strong elements. When choosing the furniture, make sure the materials are suitable for outdoor use and that it’s suited for the climate. Moreover, the entrance needs to have good lighting. The rest is up to you to create.