How To Boost Your Home’s Décor With A Living Room Makeover

The living room is at the core of any home, if not physically then metaphorically. It’s where we spend most of our time, mostly during the day. Depending on our lifestyle and preferences, the living room and its design and décor can take a lot of forms.

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Say, for example, you’re a bachelor and you want your living room to reflect that. A quick and simple makeover can definitely give you the look you want. The main piece could be, for example, a large wall-mounted TV, maybe some speakers too, complemented by a comfortable couch and a coffee table.

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But usually when discussing living room we’re actually talking about family rooms that need to feel inviting and comfortable for everyone. A makeover can change a lot of things in this sense. For example, to make the room feel warm and cozy, earthy colors such as brown are often used in combination with a lot of wood. {found on theuncommonlaw}.

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Another interesting fact is that a living room can look more spacious and feel more airy after a makeover, even though you’re actually adding more furniture to it. The project featured on Heytherehome can serve as inspiration in this case. By changing the color palette and adding pattern and texture, the room became more comfortable and gained a casual and airy feel.

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Other strategies involve getting rid of the window treatments and exposing the large windows in order to make the room feel bright and spacious, exposing the wooden flooring and either replacing the main pieces of furniture or giving them a makeover. A change of wall color can also have a big impact on the how the room presents itself. {found on designsponge}.