Inspired by Sunflowers: Rooms Ideas

Bright like the sunshine but cozy and crisp like the first signs of fall, sunflowers are such a versatile and inspirational flower. And there meaning is one to live by, especially since they are the happiest of all the flowers. They provide positive energy and livelihood to those around them, these pretty blooms mean happiness and faith. That’s why it’s a great seed of inspiration to base a room on. From the color combination to some fresh sunflowers picked from a neighbor’s farm, we’re here to show you all the wonderful ways this bud can bloom into a full grown room. Take a peek!

1. Beautiful Artwork.

Modern kitchen sun flowers

Whether it’s a beautiful, painted canvas hanging in the family room or a mural that’s been handmade and placed right on the rich, bathroom tiled walls … sunflowers are one of the most popular pieces of art. They’re full of life and vibrant colors, making for the most perfect piece of special for the house. You may even want to make a funky collage of sunflower pieces for the hallway!

2. Beautiful Centerpieces.

Modern kitchen sun flowers

Is there really anything better than some fresh florals? There’s nothing truly better than a giant cluster of sunflowers adorning your tables. It could be in the den or the dining room, either way they’re a great little bit of bright for any nook or cranny. These flowers also look amazing paired with mums in the fall, a personal favorite of mine.

3. Beautiful Accents.

Modern kitchen sun flowers

De-cluster those florals and use them as small accents. Set them in bottles for a eclectic centerpiece or mantle decoration or hang them by some string in the kitchen for a wispy look. Sometimes it’s even nice to place a single bud on a side table for interesting and easy accessorizing, I do that with tulips when I’m feeling extra out-of-the-box, but in the coming months I’ll be sprinkling some sunflowers around too!{image source}.

4. Beautiful Linens.

Modern kitchen sun flowers

In a sunny nursery  or in the guest room, sunflower floral linens are beautiful, homey but still very unique. When we think flowery linens, we don’t think about sunflower prints right off the bat. This flower is big, bright and bold and makes for a modern, contemporary print that’s perfect for mixing, matching and smiling!

5. Beautiful Colors.

Modern kitchen sun flowers

Soft, yet strong and comforting, the colors of a sunflower make for an amazing trio of colors. From every shade of yellow, to beige and a deep, chocolate brown, these colors mesh well and make a traditional bedroom, family room or a spunky little kitchen that just needs interesting textures to keep its youth.