Inspired by Bamboo: Room Ideas

Organic and majestic. Natural and relaxed. Bamboo pieces are a versatile piece of decor for almost any nook or cranny of your house. They’re lucky in love and in love, so the symbolism goes a long way when it comes to creating meaning around the rooms. Whether it’s a potted plant or a room designed around the essence and calming colors of bamboo, we’re here to show you all the wonderful ways this stem can bloom into a full grown room. Take a look and be inspired by the wonders and beauty of bamboo!

1. Some small bits.

Bamboo style bathroom

Whether it’s a hook or a small mirror to hang on the wall, sometimes the smallest pieces of decor are the absolute best pieces. They bring in a bit of charm and sass into unsuspecting places. Take that little mirror for instance. The bamboo trim brings in a rustic, down-home feel along with texture and interest that the wall didn’t have before.

2. Room dividers.

Bamboo style bathroom

It could be made into a door or just a room divider between the kitchen and dining room. Made of bamboo, an easy, bohemian style is easily accomplished. Bamboo is a great foundation for an eclectic space as it goes with lots of different colors and decor genres.

3. Easy wall decals.

Bamboo style bathroom

We see them everywhere you can find wall decals. So, next time you see them yourself, snag some. They add great interest to any  nook or cranny and fit into any theme. We love them best in the kitchen, breakfast nook and bathrooms for a refreshing, calming feel. You can get them in greens, neutral colors and a combination of the two!

4. Soft centerpieces.

Bamboo style bathroom

Use them in your centerpieces. It’s a more casual look for the dining room, but very unique and delicate! Mix them with candles or fun linens for an eclectic look. Add a bit of luck for dinner and then use the pieces around the house when the meal is over.

5. Fresh, unique plants.

Bamboo style bathroom

Of course, the absolute best way to be inspired by bamboo is to use actual bamboo. Dress the corners, the mantles or the wall with the colors and feel of this plant. And make sure to add some fresh potted ones anywhere you can. Water them once and week and have them around for years and year to come!