InsideOut Lamp from Casamania

Brian Rasmussen does a great job designing this amazing lamp from Casamania. But why would a lamp, pendant or table lamp, be called InsideOut? I get it that it is a word game, but the explanation is given by the designer himself. His inspiration was the sphere, the perfect geometrical shape with no beginning and no end. However, when you look at this lamp you can see no such thing as a sphere. Well, if you use your imagination and see the whole picture from the distance, you could. But the outline is not perfect, because the edges go “inside out”. The lamp is made of aluminum sheets and they go in and out like the bows of a ribbon. They fill the missing space with shadows and lights and the optical illusion is amazing.

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This lamp comes in two models: table lamp and pendant and is made of aluminum. You can choose from the many color combinations available so as to match it with the interior design of your home. But apart from metaphors and poetry, this is a great lamp that comes in three sizes in order to satisfy your needs.

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