Inside Jessica Folcker’s Stockholm house

Swedish singer Jessica Folcker is appreciated for her beautiful voice and talent. But we also found something else to appreciate her for: her houe. This beautiful residence is located just outside Stockholm and it’s where Jessica and her husband, interior architect Daniel Heckscher live. The husband’s profession already says a lot about this place. The residence was originally designed as a summer house by architect Tore Axen. He planned to use it as summer retreat for him and his family. Today, the house has new owners.

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Jessica and her husband wanted to make some changes when they first purchased this place. Evidently, the house needed an update. However, it was so beautiful and it had so many wonderful features that the new owners decided to preserve most of the original elements as well as the atmosphere. They managed to give the house a new and more modern look but without changing a lot of things. The exterior and the façade remained almost untouched. The interior was renovated and updated but not drastically.

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Notice how inviting and serene the residence is. It’s a colorful home but it’s also simple and airy. It has large windows that let in plenty of natural light. Each room has its own look and personality. It’s not a very large home. It’s modest and cozy and it seems like a wonderful home, away from the city and unwanted views and in a calm and relaxing area. The interior design is modern but with several vintage elements. The floors are blue in almost all the rooms and the furniture is simple, functional and features bright and vibrant colors.{found on residencemagazines}.