Inside Ben de Biel Club Owner and Photographer Apartment

Ben de Biel is a long-time manager for the Maria club and Eimer and is a well-known figure in Berlin’s nightlife. He also has a passion for photography and has been immortalizing his life in the city from the very beginning. He lives in a top-floor apartment located in a building in Mitte. The views from the apartment are splendid.

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Ben’s apartment is spacious and has a lot of interesting features that deserve to be closely analyzed. The kitchen is large and it has been designed as the focal point of the apartment. It’s where you can eat, drink, play, relax and read comic books. It even has a large and inviting sofa and several bookshelves filled with comics. The walls of the kitchen are covered with photos taken by Ben while traveling or during the nights spent at Maria, his second home.

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Pictures are an element that repeats itself throughout the apartment. Each room has its share of photos. The atmosphere inside is very relaxing and calm, despite the telephone that never stops ringing. The apartment is like a retreat, a place for relaxation, where Ben is able to come for peace and quiet after a long and fun night in the club. He likes to spend most of his free time here rather than going some place else.

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Ben has been living in Berlin since 1990.He had traveled there before and took pictures and he knew it was a great place to live so the decision was easy. Ben likes to balance photography with his job as a manager. These are two very important activities for him and he likes to think he’s great at both of them. In fact, he used to be photographer until 1995. Then he started to take less pictures and since he didn’t have his lab he was unable to continue. He then decided to just use a color film and whatever camera he can find and to just take snapshots and follow his passion. His home definitely reflects this passion for photography.The full interview and more pictures are on Freundevonfreunden blog.