Inside an Artist’s Home!

Creativity has no limits and the artists are destined to achieve great heights just because of this factor. We here though often talk about houses and not artists but for a change, it is time to perceive an artists home and how he likes to spice up life in his surroundings. This facility is such a cool minimal modern space which is becoming more of a rarity these days.

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Also, what is interesting is a dining room (amongst other things) with the old herringbone floors and the fiberglass Eames chairs. Some other rooms look blessed with the Scandinavian Influence where the floors are painted. We will let the images do the talking now.

One thing is very obvious and visible from the beginning: this artist knows how to work with colors. This is a talent that not everybody has. But for some people it’s something natural. I wish I could combine colors like this. This place is very beautiful. It’s simple and elegant and sophisticated. The attention to details is amazing.

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And like all artists, the owner felt the need to add some of its own style, which is natural. Everybody should do that, but not everyone is capable of doing it on its own. What I noticed is the fact that if you would remove all the little details from the house, the remaining image would be a very simple one. So it’s important to know how to start simple and work your way to something unique and beautiful like this.{Images and info from here}