Innovative world map carpets by Area Pavimenti

It’s always interesting how some people manage to come up with ideas that seem so simple and yet so clever that they practically reinvent the whole concept they are referring to. For example, Area Pavimenti has created a series of word map carpets. They are basically simple carpets that we all use in our homes but they have maps printed on them. It’s a very ingenious idea that transforms a simple carpet into an original piece for the home.

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With these world map carpets you can not only cleverly decorate your home but you can actually learn new things just by simply looking at them. It’s a very efficient way of increasing your geographical knowledge. Of course, this is not the main reason that the carpets were created for. They were designed as a statement piece for the home, a focal point for your interior décor. Nevertheless, we can’t overlook the educational factor that is linked to these original creations.

When you think about it, these carpets would be quite useful in a teenager’s room or in your kids’ room. The would also be very interesting additions to any living room, dining room, bedroom, office or any other space. Some classrooms could also benefit from them. They are extremely versatile pieces and can be used anywhere, regardless of the style, shape or function of the room. The carpets are made from durable nylon and they have nonskid backing and are machine washable.