Innovative wine bottle hanging planters

These planters have a very original and interesting look. It’s because they are made from recycled wine bottles. It’s a great DIY project that can be easily replicated. We all like to have an occasional glass of wine. This means that the bottles will need a new purpose. So why not turn them into something useful and also creative, something that you can use as a decoration for your home? Let’s take a closer look at these planters.

Bottle plant

The planters are made from actual wine bottles. The most difficult part will be to but off the bottom part of the bottles. This way your plants will be able to beautifully grow inside the bottle and then expand outside its limits. However, since they will be hanging upside down, using normal soil becomes impossible. Perhaps moss would be a better choice. You can then use some wire or rope and tie it just below the bottle’s threads. Hang it on your deck, terrace or anywhere else you want to.

This is actually a simple form of recycled art. Something as simple as a wine bottle can be turned into something as beautiful as a planter.The result will be simple, contemporary, eclectic and also quite intriguing. If you like you can peel off the label from the bottle. It can be easily done with some warm water and patience. Another interesting idea would be to paint the bottles. You would need some special paint and time to do all that. Still, this means that the planter will no longer be transparent or semi-transparent. There are lots of other ways to personalize this project.{found on topit}.