Innovative tubes chairs

An innovative chair with tube like design from famous designer Oleksander Shestakovych has amazed many customers with its design. This type of chair is called tube chair and has a simple but strong design. The tube like material is very soft and comfortable for people sitting on them. The color of the chair is a darkish green and is very beautiful in its looks.

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I like new ideas and innovations in terms of furniture. But what I don’t like about some of them is the fact that the designers only seem to care about the looks and the comfort issue is often neglected. In this case it’s not so obvious and blamable. The tubes are relatively soft and comfortable but they sure don’t seem like that to me. I might be wrong, but how comfortable can a tube be? I would rather stick with the soft and comfy cushions.

But for those of you for whom looks are more important than comfort, this chair could be the one. It has an….original shape, although it’s not very revolutionary. But still, it’s something different. It’s modern and also functional. It can be used either as a dining chair or as a seat. It would have been nice if you could also disassemble it in order to save some space when you’re not using it.