Innovative Designs That Really Make A Difference

How many times were you really blown away by an idea or a design? This doesn’t happen very often but, every once in a while, we come across some really memorable creations that make a difference and open up new possibilities. These innovative designs can refer to a lot of things, from a desk with a hammock underneath to a really cool restaurant interior. Let’s have a look at those examples and more like them.

The hammock that lets you sleep under your desk

hammock deskView in gallery

hammock desk diyView in gallery

Sleeping at the workplace is not indicated or usually allowed. However, sometimes a quick nap is just what you need to rejuvenate your mind and get the boost you need to finish the day. Still, having a bed in your office is not exactly practical or suitable. The hammock designed by Aqil Raharjo can be attached to the underside of a desk, allowing you to comfortably take a nap when you’re staying overnight at the office to finish an important project or when you simply need a pause. The hammock is very easy to install. You just have to hook it onto the clamps and then attach the clamps to the desk or table.

The suspended net that’s both fun and comfortable

Living room with suspended netView in gallery

This is idea that was implemented by design firm Eague & Seta when renovating a family home in Madrid. The net was suspended above a small social space. It was attached to a large bookcase and to the adjacent walls. It can be reached by climbing a ladder and it’s a perfect place for reading a book, relaxing while listening to someone play the piano or having fun with the kids.

The shoe rack hidden under the stairs

Hidden stairs storageView in gallery

Hidden storage under stairsView in gallery

Concealing useful storage inside the staircase is a very ingenious and practical idea. It can be applied to a lot of interior designs and situations. For example, the staircase can have a secret pull-out shoe rack and this way the space’s storage capability will be maximized and the shoes will be hidden out of sight and nicely organized. The idea can also be customized for bookshelves, drawers and all sorts of other variations.{found on Fraher Architects}.

The TV hidden in the wardrobe

TV Is Hidden Within A Pullout RackView in gallery

Hidden TV on WallView in gallery

Consider this situation: the wall that would be perfect for the TV is also perfect for a big wardrobe or storage closet. Normally, you can’t have both unless you use the idea provided by Italian manufacturer FIMAR. The idea the design proposes is to hide the TV inside a wardrobe. They named this creation GHOST. It can hold a 32” flat screen TV which can be installed onto a pull-out rack with a piston that raises the panel and displays the TV at a comfortable angle.

The fold-down dining table

Hidden furniture- fold down tableView in gallery

Hidden furniture- fold down table openView in gallery

Having space-saving furniture in your home is a pretty great thing that offers more flexibility in terms of layout. A particularly great feature can be a dining table that folds down whenever needed, the rest of the time looking like a natural part of a large wall unit. This idea and more like it were implemented by Pulltab Design when redecorating a contemporary apartment in New York. The dining table has a walnut top and is 8 foot long. Next to it there’s also a smaller fold-down table which can be used as a desk or work surface.

The dining table you can roll to change dimensions

Nathalie Dackelid swedish designView in gallery

Nathalie Dackelid TableView in gallery

When designing the Wooden Cloth, Swedish designer Nathalie Dackelid wanted this to be a versatile and adjustable furniture piece. The design, however, is unlike any you’ve ever seen. The usual expandable table simply has a mechanism that allows you to pull out the sides or to raise them. The Wooden Cloth, on the other hand, has a top composed of small sections/ teeth which can be rolled while pushing the supporting piece into the table top. This way the table immediately becomes smaller. The two sides can be adjusted independently.

The wall panels with built-in flower pots

Wall facade built in flower potsView in gallery

Built in flower pots on wallView in gallery

Plants and flowers are often displayed on window sills or outside the entrance of a house to make it more beautiful. But what if they could be somehow embedded in the facade itself? That sounds like a futuristic and unusual idea. It was implemented by OA:Lab when designing a kindergarten in Seoul, Korea. The building features facade panels that have spaces in them where plants can grow. They provide a chic way of adding some color and natural freshness to the building.

The cafe that has croissant-shaped sconces

Wall lights shapped like croissants angleView in gallery

Wall lights shapped like croissantsView in gallery

Coffee & is a small cafe and bakery in Kiev, Ukraine. It was designed by Aleksandr and Vladimir Yudin and has a very interesting interior. The inside of the cafe is colorful, inviting and very pleasant, featuring stained-glass panels and wooden furniture and wall panels. However, the unique thing about it is the plywood feature wall which incorporates croissant-shaped protrusions that hide warm LED lights. The idea suits the theme of the cafe perfectly.

The wooden dowel ceiling sculpture

7400 Wooden Dowels ceiling designView in gallery

7400 Wooden Dowels ceilingView in gallery

Another very interesting place is the Nargile bar located in Sofia, Bulgaria. It was a project by KMAN Studio. To make the bar stand out, the designers decided to give the ceiling a sculptural and eye-catching look by covering it with 7456 wood dowels. At night, the lanterns softly light up the ceiling and give the space a magical look. This is a really great and classy way of alluring clients.