Innovative and exciting advertising office

The Saatchi & Saatchi office is located in Bangkok, Thailand. In 211 it went through a renovation that resulted in the transformation of the office into a more modern and colorful space. The project was developed by Supermachine Studio and it was completed in October 2011. The office covers a total area of 400 square meters.

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After the renovation, the office turned into a colorful, fun and innovative space. The inspiration for the new décor came from everyday life objects and this makes it seem comfortable and familiar. The office was designed into two separate volumes. One is the creative zone and the other is the managing zone. Two separate areas for two distinct purposes. As expected, these spaces have different decors.

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The creative volume is a bright and open space. It’s an area where communication is encouraged, a place where people can share ideas, consult and get inspired together. It’s like the living room in a home. The managing zone, on the other hand, is a darker space with a more serious atmosphere. Still, it’s not a depressing space. This area has colorful decorations as well. These two areas are separated by a trophy wall and a bicycle wall. The office has an overall efficient and practical décor and it’s a combination of fun and functional elements. The use of everyday life objects was meant to turn the office into a familiar and also useful space where work can be combined with relaxation and creativity.