Inipi Sauna by Eoos

Inipi Sauna by Eoos is a perfect combination of style and well-being. Sober and minimalist in their line, they are nevertheless equipped with the latest electronic gadgets like a remote control to set the mood light and music. Designed by the bathroom specialist Duravit the creation features clean lines. It has a simple but practical and functional design. The glass walls are a nice detail.

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A sauna is something that everyone wishes to have. Unfortunately, a home version of a sauna is not something that easy to obtain. There are not a lot of designs when it comes to this structure. And even if they were, not everybody affords to have one. Even so, you should have plenty of free space in the house. In fact, it would  be nice to have a whole room dedicated just for relaxation and meditation, where you could include the sauna and other fixtures. It sounds like a fantasy, because very few people have the resources to do that. And those who do have the resources and conditions to have something like this often find it to be a waste of space.

Anyway, let’s go back to this sauna design. It’s a very beautiful creation, with clean and beautiful lines and a refreshing image. It’s painted in white so it looks fresh and modern.