Ingeniously-designed small home in Seattle

This is a very small home and it’s located in Seattle. It’s a tiny 1950s mid century home that measures only 600 square feet. It might be small but it features a very clever and functional interior design. One solution of adding some useable living space would have been to expand the house and increase the footprint. Instead of doing that, Atelier Drome decided to restructure the interior and amplify the usability of the already existing space.

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It was an unusual decision but also a very ingenious project. In order to increase the usability of the space, the architects decided to include lots and lots of built-in shelving. These have been placed in unexpected areas, all over the house. For example, there’s one such unit above the shower. The shelves are almost hidden and they take almost no space. If anything, they add very useful storage space and help organize and clear up the rooms.

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In order to increase and open even more the interior area, the architects used similar materials throughout the house. This way a sense of uniformity is created. They also changed the perspective by removing the wall that delimitated the office/second bedroom and the main living space. Now it’s one big open space and it seems even larger this way. This area is also directly connected t the backyard.

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Another clever idea was to integrate multifunctional pieces of furniture. For example, the large desk doubles as a large dining table for family get-togethers and holidays. Moreover, the built-in shelves provide practical storage that is especially useful in the office. This area also got a new sliding glass door that lets the natural light get inside thus creating a bright décor.