Ingenious wood poufs

Norway and Scandinavia in general, has almost all of the territory covered in forests. With such an environment it is very easy to adapt your way of life according to the terrain, because there isn’t much of a choice.People living in those areas learned with the years how to make the most of their natural environment and how to live in harmony with it. They have beautiful houses made from the wood that grows in abundance everywhere and very often you will find houses that are up to 90% percent wood.

Wood pouf

If you are not that lucky to live around thick vegetation and you are a nature lover and want to bring it as much as possible closer to you, you can’t. But there is a more comfortable alternative: how would you like to see in your living room something that looks perfectly like a tree log but isn’t a real tree log?

A company from Norway thought of making “wooden” poufs that can be used as a sitting stool, coffee table, side table or as a ottoman. This ingenious method of making replicas after real natural things is possible with modern technologies and some recycled polyester. After the shape is completed everything is covered up with a photo wood stump print. It is kind of fun to have something like that in your living room and also very easy to maintain and clean because the pouf cover can be very easily taken off through a zipper and washed.The company produces these poufs in two models: one taller in tall slender birch and one lower and a bit larger in pine.Available for 260$.