Ingenious wood-cladded bedroom in California

Sometimes you can’t find exactly what you were looking for and you have to make compromises. But it doesn’t always have to seem like an inconvenient. For example, designers Lynda and Peter Benoit of Melander Architects found an otherwise beautiful loft situated in a former steam engine factory in Emeryville, California, except for the fact that it had a very poorly planned interior.

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The 1,100 square foot loft was definitely not what they were looking for. However, they decided to accept the challenge of remodeling it and transforming it into a functional and pleasant home. They had to start with the basics and that meant restructuring the interior. But because they had restricted options, they had to come up with something new and original. As a result, the designers created a completely customized 16-by-17-by-10-foot wooden box with a bedroom on the inside and a dressing-room above.

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The idea was very clever. Not only that they managed to restructure the interior, but they actually came up with a very functional design. The walls of the bedroom are a large bookcase on the outside and the interior is like a hidden secret room. And since the walls and almost everything else is made of wood, the atmosphere is very warm and relaxing. This bedroom is definitely the focal point of the design and it’s a true masterpiece.