Ingenious way of saving space by hanging the dining table on the wall

When you have a small home every inch counts. This is why items and furniture pieces that you only use occasionally tend to get in the way. The dining table is one such item. Since it’s only used at dinner time and not even then, it makes the room crowded and busy. It’s not something small that you can just ignore.

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This is Josh and Lauren’s current home. Before they moved here they used to live in a tiny studio apartment. It was small but it was their home and they wanted to do things like hosting dinner parties. That was particularly difficult, given the space of the apartment. It’s when the couple came up with this ingenious idea of hanging the dining table on the wall. This way they can have a dining table but only when they need one.

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You can adapt the same idea. He key is to choose a dining table light enough and compact enough to allow you to hang it on the wall when not used or needed. The table is not simply taken from the floor and placed on the wall. The legs need to be removed first. It’s just the top that goes on the wall. Since it’s simple and not representing anything specific, it’s like having an unusual and abstract art piece on the wall. You can even temporarily decorate it. In this case, the couple opted for the Workscape Folding Table from dwr .

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It’s an aluminum table that folds flat to 3’’ think and with legs that can be folded into the underside. If not possible, you can just take off the legs and store them some place else. The table will be simply hanging on rubber coated hooks often sued for bikes. You can always improvise. You don’t even have to restrict yourself to only using this idea in small homes. In fact, the couple that came up with the idea like it so much that they used the same concept for their new and larger home.The table it’s available for $590.