Ingenious Wall Art Made With Wooden Pallets

Given how versatile wooden pallets are, it’s not surprising they can also be used as wall decorations. Of course, we’re talking about somewhat complex DIY projects that use pallets as the main material resource in combination with a set of other things. We’ve compiled a list of such projects so have a look and let them inspire you.

DI- Wall-Art
DI- Wall-Art1
DI- Wall-Art2
DI- Wall-Art3

The first project is the simplest of all. Basically you just take a pallet, sand it and then either stain it or paint it. Then comes the fun part: writing a message on the boards of the pallet. It can be any type of message you want. You can hang this piece on the entrance hallway or anywhere else you want.

Writing board

Instead of writing on the boards, you can draw or paint something on them. But first take apart the pallet. Put the boards close together to form a canvas. Then feel free to use your creativity. The dandelion painting featured here is really lovely.

DIY Pallet Wood Sign

A similar idea is to use the boards on the pallet to make a wood sign for a hallway, kitchen, bedroom and pretty much any other area in the house. You can then use letter stencils to write something on the sign. Combine two different colors for an interesting visual effect.{found on bloominghomestead}.

World pallet board paint

Put together boards from a pallet and then cover the surface with a world map painting. First pull apart the pallet boards, line them up and nail them together. Print out a world map and trace it onto the boards. Color in the continents. {found on themerrythought}.

Rustic cottage pallet board

This rustic-chic wall decoration is easy to make. You need a few boards from a wooden pallet which you nail together. Four should be enough. You can paint or stain them using different shades. Then add a few star decorations to the upper left corner. The decoration you’ll get will be reminiscent of the American flag.

Pallet antler decor

The project featured on Meganbrookehandmadeblog is also simple. After you take apart the pallet boards, clean them with distilled vinegar to obtain a gray color. You can then stain them with tea. You just soak a few tea bags in hot water and use that on the boards. Screw the boards together, attach an ornate frame at the center and a set of antlers in the middle.

Outdoor wall sconce from pallets

Another lovely idea which we found on Tatertotsandjello features a few pallet boards each featuring a different color. After you paint them, nail them together. Then use this piece as a support structure for things you want to display such as planters, vases, baskets, etc.

Pallet wall decor for dining area

Of course, you don’t have to include the pallet boards in a colorful and sophisticated project in order to make them look great on your wall. You can just hang them on the wall at different heights and create a beautiful gallery display on which you can hang framed photos if you want. You can also just let them stand out by themselves without adding any other decorations and additional items to the mix.