Ingenious Modular shelving system

I know what it means to desperately need some shelves in your room because you don’t have any more space to deposit all your books, files, magazines, notebooks and projects. And if you finally get some, they look ugly, they don’t match the rest of your furniture, and you desperately try to decorate them with candles, ornamental objects to distract visitors and their  critical opinion. Now you can avoid this thing with the Bambica modular shelving system, designed by Andrew Gancikov and John Fitzpatrick.

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This   item is composed  of fifty  pieces held together by plastic pegs. Each rod measures  1h x 17l x.75’’ d, and the materials used in the construction were bamboo and polyamide plastic. Let’s face it, modular shelving systems are not pretty, they look cheap, or if they don’t, they are very expensive. But this time, with the fifty bamboo rods you can put your imagination at work and create different models of shelving.

Bambica modular shelving systemView in gallery

When  you get bored of a model, you can change it, of if you need more or less space, you can make another model to fit with your needs. Imagine, one day you’re using this modular shelving system to deposit books,  and  another you can use it as a decoration. You simply attach some candles, or some dried flowers received from your boyfriend long time ago, and that’s all. This innovative system really can help you when you are confronted with the lack  of space.{found on bltrd}.