Ingenious Foyn Johanson House by Harrison and White

Created by architects Harrison and White in 2009, the Foyn Johanson House is located in Northcote, Melbourne, Australia.

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The architects took into consideration the key issues in Australian housing of using sun to improve both new and existing constructions. Formation of the house revolves round the preservation of light into garden space. With houses becoming bigger and the blocks becoming smaller, the available land for the garden is substantially reduced. Basic feature of the house is a garden that enjoys light for the entire day without interruption.

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Methodology used in the unique architectural design is that of reverse shallow casting. It takes the area of the space that requires having direct light and extruding it along different paths of the sun. Controlling the sunlight is the barn like form going to the maximum height of 9 meters. Surface created from such process becomes the external screen that covers both the deck and western façade.

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